General Questions

Where are your storage condominiums located?
We’re located in Ferndale, WA, with easy I-5 access off Portal Way via exit #263.
Can I live in these storage condos?

Not in these units, but stay tuned for further developments coming as early as next year. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

How do I schedule a tour?

To schedule a tour, call (360) 603-8314

How can I find out which units are available?

You can check out recent unit availability here. For the most up-to-date information on unit availability, call us at (360) 603-8314.

Are storage condo owners part of an owners' association?

Yes, storage condo owners  here are part of an owners’ association. 

Dues are currently $60/month and include:

  • Taxes on the common property
  • House lighting
  • Umbrella insurance (you’re only responsible for the contents)
  • Small reserve account in case of repairs
  • Water and sewer
Is there anything I can't store here?

We do not allow the storage of hazardous materials or marijuana. 


Do the storage condos include a kitchen?

While our units don’t have pre-built kitchens, they do have a utility sink downstairs and roughed in plumbing for a bar sink in the loft. 

Are there bathrooms and showers in each unit?

Each storage condo has a private bathroom on the main floor. Bathrooms come with a toilet, sink, and shower.

Are your storage condos heated?

Each unit includes natural gas heat (75,000 BTU). Hot water is available via a 50-gallon electric hot water heater.

What type of power hookups are included?

You’ll find 100amp service throughout each unit, plus a 50amp RV plug.

Can I get internet/television access?

Each unit is wired and ready for Comcast service.

Are your storage condos insulated?

Our storage condos are insulated. We use R38 insulation for the ceilings and R25 insulation for the walls. The roll-up doors are also insulated.

Does my unit include a U.S. mailbox?

Each unit includes its own U.S. mailbox. Our Canadian owners find this to be a particularly attractive feature when applying for a U.S. credit card. 

What security features are available?

Our condos include include lighting and property perimeter fencing.

Alarm systems are also available.


What is the total size of each storage condominium?

Our storage condos are a total of 2228 ft², or 206.988 m². 

What is the size of the bottom floor?

The ground floor is 30’-2”x50’-3, for a total of 1,515.9 ft².

The ground floor in metric units is 9.19m x 15.3m, for a total of 140.83 m².

What is the size of the loft?

The loft is 14’-2”x50’-3”, for a total of 711.9 ft².

The size of the loft in metric units is 4.3m x 15.3m, for a total of 66.1 m².

What is the size of the aisle space between buildings?

The space between buildings is 54’ (16.4 meters).

How large are the overhead roll-up doors?

Each unit has two roll-up doors: One is 14’ x 14’ (4.26m x 4.26m), and the other is 9’ x 8’ (2.7m x 2.4m).

What size are the windows?

Each unit has a 6’ x 5’ (1.8m x1.5m) window. End units have an additional 6’ x 3’6” (1.8m x1m) window.