Are you thinking about buying a storage condo for your motorcoach, boat, or RV?

An enclosed storage space is a smart option for protecting vehicles from the elements during off-season months. It’s also a smart investment option if you’re looking to own real property (especially if you’re looking to take advantage of a 1031 Exchange).

But, like the many RV brands out there, all storage units are not created equal.

Before you sign any paperwork, make sure you have the following questions answered.

What is a storage condominium? 

Storage condominiums (also called storage garages) are units of real property made to house your personal belongings. 

Storage condos are more than just places to store valuables. In recent years, these facilities have turned into practical, relaxing spaces where you can pursue hobbies, entertain guests, and form a community with other like-minded adventurers. 

Some condo owners use their additional space to display their prized car collection. Others create a bar and lounge, so friends have an inviting place to unwind. 

What you do with your storage condominium is up to you. But if there are large items you’d like to protect, you’ll want to evaluate any potential storage option to ensure that it measures up. 

Is the storage condo large enough to store your RV? 

Whether you want to store a 45’ Prevost or a 40’ Tiffin, you’ll need to make sure the storage condo has enough clearance to store your motorcoach comfortably on all sides. 

Exterior of a storage condominium with doors open

  • Check Overhead Clearance: Check the specifications of your motorcoach for its clearance requirements and compare it with the storage condo’s door height. The tallest motorcoach on the market today is the H3-45 VIP Prevost, which has an overall height of 12.41 feet (3.7 meters). 
  • Check Side Clearance: Just as you’ll need a storage condo tall enough to fit your motorcoach or RV, you’ll also need ample room on the sides. The standard width of a class A motorhome is 8.5 feet (2.59 meters).
  • Roll-Up Doors: Make sure the storage condo offers large overhead roll-up doors so that you can drive your vehicle in without a hassle.
  • Open Navigation: Will you be able to drive through the parking lot to your storage unit with ease? Is there plenty of space to back in and out? Just as you need plenty of space within the storage unit, you’ll also need ample space to navigate outside.

Is the storage condo insulated and heated? 

Storing your motorcoach indoors ensures your vehicle is protected from the elements during the winter. But the temperature is also important: If your motorcoach freezes, you risk frozen pipes and other annoying repairs. Opt for a storage condo that is both insulated and heated. 

Does the storage condo have an RV outlet? 

Your storage condo should have a 50amp electrical outlet so that you can charge your motorcoach battery during the winter. If this feature is missing, you’ll want to keep looking. 

What else can you use this storage condo for?

If you’re buying a storage condo for your RV, you likely have other possessions that could be stored in this same place. Take a look at the space available and consider what you might use it for. Do you have a boat? How about a classic car?

Interior of storage condo warehouse space in Ferndale

Storage Condominium Loft in Ferndale for sale

Make sure your storage condo has plenty of space to accommodate your various toys. 

What amenities does the storage condo provide?

Storage condos aren’t only about storage — They often serve as places to unwind, entertain, and relax. Will you be adding a pool table? A lounge? How about a sports bar? In addition to heating and power outlets, make sure your storage condo has sink hookups, internet and TV wiring, a bathroom, and a shower. With these basic features, you’ll be able to create the space of your dreams with few limitations. 

Is the storage condo located near a freeway? 

The last thing you want to do before taking your motorcoach for a weekend getaway is to take a long drive to storage. Ideally, your condo will be a short distance from the freeway for easy access. 

And, finally, what community am I joining?

When you buy a storage condo, you’re also buying into a community. Find out who else has a condo at your facility and get to know them. Other motorcoach owners make great friends, and you might just find that the best RV rally is at your storage condo.